Buying Tropical Hibiscus at Shows

Many new Hibiscus enthusiasts fall into their first “hibiscus frenzy” upon visiting a flower show & sale.  Major hibiscus shows are run by local chapters of the American Hibiscus Society, generally in spring & summer.  Hundreds of exotic hibiscus blooms are entered in competition, where they vie for the approval of AHS trained judges.  Growers are usually on-hand to sell many varieties of potted Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plants, which are typically priced in the range of $10 to $40.  The local chapters usually get a percentage of the sales, so these events are also major fund-raisers for the clubs.

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Bob Carran

Robert (Bob) Carran, long time member of the American Hibiscus Society and chairman of the AHS Seed Bank, passed away today after an extended illness.  Bob was a great friend to many people in the hibiscus community, and spent countless hours promoting tropical hibiscus through his work with the Seed Bank. Continue reading Bob Carran

107F Heat Wave!

Early Summer Scorcher in Houston, Texas!  On Saturday, June 29, 2013, Houston’s official high temperature was a June record of 107F!

When temperatures get over 100F, many tropical hibiscus plants left in full sun are going to wilt.  By mid-afternoon, water will sometimes evaporate from leaves faster that the plant’s vascular system can transport water. Continue reading 107F Heat Wave!

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